Thanks for joining us for the latest session of the Fundraising 2020 Mastermind as we learned “Digital Fundraising Strategies” with social media expert Brian Curee. It was a LOT of information (I was drinking from a fire hose), so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the on demand video so you can watch it again.

Check out this week’s session:


Here are the links Brian mentioned during the session:

Build Call to Action page for your Instagram profile

Build custom landing pages for your campaigns

(remember to use your business email address instead of personal email when you build your ad manager account)

Embed the “Browser Notifications” feature on your WordPress site
Click Here for Brian’s Guide to Video Strategy

Also, we’re grateful to Brian Curee from Killer Bee Marketing for the HUGE amount of info and value he brought to us all in this session. If you’d like to talk to Brian further about developing a more holistic and effective digital fundraising strategy  for your station, please contact to set up a call.