Thanks for joining us for the latest session of the Fundraising 2020 Mastermind as we talked about “Mastering the Fundamentals of One on One Fundraising.” We are really enjoying our weekly 90-minute time to grow and become better fundraisers with you.

Check out this week’s session:

BTW…we’ve gotten questions from several folks wondering if they can send this link to team members. Short answer: YES. Feel free to share it with everyone on your team. Just please don’t share it with anyone not on your team.


Also, we’re grateful to Tim Smith of Non-Profit DNA for his time and wisdom in this session. He has written a couple of books that will be useful. Pick them up, support Tim, and learn more as you become a better major donor fundraiser.
During the session, Tim mentioned a book called “The Seven Deadly Diseases of Ministry Marketing: Confessions of a Christian Fundraiser” by Doug Brendel. Here’s a link on Amazon

And if you’d like to contact Tim, you can email him at