Thanks for joining us for the first session of the Fundraising 2020 Mastermind. It was a great time with Dave Stephens talking about data driven fundraising.

If you’d like to inquire about having Dave help you set up, clean up, or take your donor database to a new level, you can schedule a call with Paul Goldsmith here to learn more.

Check out this week’s session:

Several people requested an example of the thank you videos Kevin Krueger from WGTS sends out to donors. Here’s a sample:

Dear Diana,

You are a wonderful and generous person!

Thank you! Your Spring Fundraiser gift will change the lives of so many who are searching for hope during this stressful time. You are helping frontline workers, you are helping that mom who wakes up with worry in the middle of the night for her child, you are bringing hope to the entire Nation’s Capital region and beyond.

Here’s something special – personal and just for you – check out this custom recorded video! Simply hit the play button.

In the video we share a behind the scenes look at the announcers and much more. During this time of social distancing things look a bit different for sure, but the ministry, the hope, you’re providing is consistent and is changing hundreds of thousands of lives every single week.

Thank you again for your generous donation.

May God bless you and keep you safe,


If you don’t have the resources to have a dedicated video department and producer, take advantage of what tools you DO have. You could send a quick video you shoot on your phone and email it out. Or you can use an app like Bonjoro ( to send out personalized email videos to your list.


Someone asked Dave Stephens to provide some sample donor information questions he uses. Here’s his response:
Here are some survey questions I ask whether in giving forms or in personal conversations. It’s been a while since I’ve done a donor survey and I’m realizing that I badly need to do one again haha. 
Feel free to use this as a starting point and add your own twist/additional questions to it, but figured I’d give this to you as a resource to get started.
Donor Survey:
Demographic Questions:
First Name
Last Name
General Information Questions
What is your birth date? (So we can celebrate with you and for research purposes).
Do you attend a church? If yes, what church do you attend?
In addition to The River what other causes are you passionate about? (The River frequently partners with other organizations, we’d love to know which ones you care about).
Would you like to take a tour of The River studios in Gahanna?
Organization Specific Questions
Why do you support The River?
What led you to support The River today (this week etc)?
Do you have any specific stories of how The River has helped you or brought you hope?
Is there anything about The River you wished you knew more about?
Another fun contest/option to gather work information
Would you like to enter a drawing to have our DJs surprise your office/organization with lunch?
If Yes:
Where do you work?
What’s your role there?